Shirley Manson

Shirley Manson is the lead singer of a famous band called Garbage. Shirley’s struggle with self harm began when she went through puberty and was insecure about her body. She began cutting herself when she was about 12 or 13 as a cry for help, she said that she would carry sharp objects around during school so that she could cut herself whenever she felt the need to. She stopped self harming as her love for music grew although in some occasions she has still felt the urge to hurt herself. She said her reason for coming forward about her self harm was to hopefully tell her fans and people struggling that they should open up to someone they care about. “I’m speaking out because I feel this problem is getting worse for some kids,” she said. “I’m not an expert on this, but you have to talk to someone. I’ve seen kids with cigarette burns on their arms or gashes on their legs. It kills me, but hopefully my coming forward can help a little.” Shirley Manson also said that she can relate to fans who are struggling with self harm, she said “As a former self harmer myself, I really do relate to anyone who is suffering so acutely from feelings of worthlessness that they attack themselves. That’s born of a feeling of not being heard. It’s such a gentle person usually who turns in on themselves, like they’d rather hurt themselves than hurt somebody else. I do feel a lot of empathy toward people who suffer like that, or what I like to call hypersensitivity. It’s a form of intelligence in a funny way; you’re reading things that most people are blind or deaf to.”

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